It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.

160 years ago, the famous quote written by Charles Dickens seems to be particularly suitable for the current Chinese family wealth management market.

On the one hand, the market data released by the authoritative organizations of various parties highlights the huge volume and potential of this market; on the other hand, it is the negative news such as collapse, runaway bosses, deferred payment, etc. from various financial institutions overlapped with the external macro factors such as the Sino-US trade war and the sluggish global economic growth, we can’t help but wonder: Will the situation be worse?

Meanwhile, we have also observed that some institutions that have worked hard in the early years to build their professional barriers and industry reputation are slowly demonstrating their strength for winning customers and markets during this period of decline. For example, in the so-called panic of confidence, it is still possible to see that some star fund managers can quickly over raised funds for several times than expected. And in the past year or so, in Hong Kong alone, the mainland billionaires who were derived from pre-IPO equity incentives set up their family trusts have reached a trillion US dollar scale.

Perhaps the real situation in the market is that it is neither really short of money nor a lack of confidence. What lacking is the professional capability of investment; what lacking are the humble intention and ability to maintaining and transferring family wealth.

Coincidentally, although the Chinese family office is sitting in a gold mine crater that is about to erupt, no one is sure whether he can survive after the outbreak then enjoy the feast, or become the volcanic magma that just gave birth to the next fertile soil.

The pioneers of the Chinese family wealth management industry may be thinking:

  • Should it continue to focus on the asset management with full of imagination, or should it focus on the wealth management and professional services market that needs slow cooking?
  • Is it to charge a fee from downstream product suppliers, even set up a multi-layer structure for extra carry? Or should you ask the customer for a consulting fee, keep neutral, and pursue the same interests as the customer?
  • Is it persistent in your dream? Or have to plan to survive?
  • In the face of serious talent bottlenecks, should we pay heavy money to hire industry veterans? Or focus on the cultivation of our talents?
  • In the face of customers’ growing overseas demand, should we self-built channel? Or cautiously outsourcing for cooperation?
  • In the face of the inconsistency between the good and the bad, the authenticity of the market coexisting in the market, is the station coming out to tell a truth? Or should we continue to keep a low profile and let the market educate and regulate by itself?
  • In the face of the so-called confidence panic and asset shortage, should we insist on cash as the king, or should we be still hungry to purchase the best quality assets and investment opportunities at a bottom price?

. . . . . .

With these myths, we will continue to invite well-known families worldwide and decision-makers from top-level organizations to gather together and pursue answers.

It is expected that more than 400+ family members, SFOs, MFOs, Private banks, top investment banks, boutique asset management, well-known scholars, lawyers, tax accountants, and other leaders will meet again on December 11th-12th at the 12th Asian Private Banking and Family Office Summit, in Shenzhen. To explore the current status and seek for the future of the Chinese family wealth management industry with you.

Time is the best friend and the neediest opponent. We look forward to building such a high-quality and efficient industry platform that allows family office practitioners to withstand the polishing and tempering of time, to survive the years of invasion and engraving, to use the heart and dreams, professionalism and persistence, to water The most time worth the tasting of the rose!

My peers, see you on December 11-12, at the 12th Asian Private Bank and Family Office Summit, in Shenzhen!







  • 是该继续盯着充满想象空间的资产端,还是该关注需要慢火煲汤的财富管理和专业服务市场?
  • 是该问下游产品供应商收代销费,甚至多架一层结构分carry?还是该问客户收取顾问咨询费,保持自身的立场中立,追求与客户利益一致?
  • 是该坚持情怀?还是先图谋生存?
  • 面对严重的人才瓶颈,是该重金聘用行业老兵?还是着重于自身人才的培养?
  • 面对客户不断旺盛的海外需求,是该自建渠道?还是该谨慎外包合作?
  • 面对良莠不齐,真伪家办共存的市场乱象,是该站出来发声?还是该继续保持低调,让市场来教育、调控?
  • 面对所谓的信心慌、资产荒,是该坚持现金为王,还是该择机抄底优质资产与投资机会?



    预期将有超过400位来自全球各地的家族成员、单一家办、综合家办、头部私行、顶级投行、精品资管、知名学者、专业律师、税务师等各界翘楚,再度相聚在12月11-12日第十二届亚洲私人银行与家族办公室峰会 · 深圳站。与您一起共同探索中国家族财富管理行业的现状与未来。