In 2019, Family wealth management industry in China has entered a stage of rapid development. However, the profit model is not clear enough. There are still deficiencies in most of professional organizations and how to fix the price is a hard question. The resource screening capacity and efficiency in the global scope are weak; the structure is difficult to implement, and it is more difficult to replicate. The ecology of the industry is imperfect and the mutual trust system is extremely lacking.

Conversely, the strong demand of customers has led to a rapid increase in global cognitive capabilities. Many pain points become challenges that practitioners cannot ignore. The decline of the overall economic cycle and the difficult environment have made the previous model of sale orientation reach a plateau, and the pressure for survival and upgrade has increased sharply.

The practitioners of the Wealth Management industry in China, are now at the stage of improving their core competitiveness and build a sustainable profit model after the prosperous era has over. The demand of the market is now going through growth spurts. It has also caused more and more companies with different strengths and weaknesses to enter the family wealth management industry. In addition to their own problems, practitioners had to deal with the appearance of “bad money drives out good.” 

In order to solve the pain points of the family wealth management industry and find a globalized resource combination which is suitable for the Chinese UHNW families and family offices, we, Banyan Legacy set up the 13th Asia Private Banking and Family Office Summit.

The Asia Private Banking and Family Office Summit has been successfully held for 12 sessions, covering Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Singapore and New York, With a total of more than3,500 participants.While observing the local family Wealth management industry in China, We are always focusing overseas, and constantly observing the similarities and differences between local and overseas family w$ealth management industry through vertical and horizontal comparison)

As a new comers, know and master the family wealth management industry may take 10,000 hours) ,Just like the crown jewel, this industry is a highly assembled collection of many sub-sectors. We do not know whether 10,000 hours are the method to being the experts.Hoewever, What can be confirmed is that this industry is not an easy way.It requires our insistence.When we face the comple needs of customers, We should be more humble to embrace a more open and a win-industry ecology.

It might be a back-to-back battle that all participants have to face! It is not only a test of professionalism and perseverance, but also to build a mutual trust industry ecology

Banyan Legacy, as one of the first practitioners in family wealth management industry in China, is definitely a local team woking with the global market(overseas parts: local institutions over 90%)

We think the content first all the time, researching the hottest topics in the market and hearing opinions through KOLs to set up a high quality summit with the most in-depth insights. You could get the core industry knowledge and connect with the most suitable partners via this platform.

We will keep connecting with more than 500 industry leaders including many well-known family members, top family offices, private bankings, asset management institutions, law firms, accounting offices, and offshore financial centers. The 13th Asian Private Banking and Family Office Summit will be held on ,December 21 - 22 in 2020 in Shanghai).

Sincerely look forward to your participation!

2019年,中国家族财富管理行业进入高速发展阶段。虽发展迅猛,但盈利 模式却不够清晰;行业内多数从业机构专业能力存在短板且难以定价;全 球范围内的资源筛选能力与效率偏弱;组织结构难以落地,更难以规模化 复制;行业生态不完善,互信体制极为欠缺。 相反,客户基于诉求的强需求,全球化认知能力在飞快提升。诸多痛点成 为从业者不容忽视的挑战。而整体经济周期下行,大环境的艰难,让之前 产品销售导向的模式也陷入了极大瓶颈,生存与升级的压力陡增。中国家 族财富管理行业的从业者们,在经历了早期的热闹与呱噪之后,到了不得 不思考如何提升自己的核心竞争力,构建可持续的盈利模式的阶段,市场 需求井喷式的涌现,也造成了越来越多良莠不齐的企业进入家族财富管理 行业,除了自身问题,从业者也要应对市场内劣币对良币地驱逐。 

为了更好地解决家族财富管理行业的痛点,找到真正适合中 国家族和家办的落地方法论和匹配的全球化的资源组合,第 13届亚洲私人银行与家族办公室峰会应需而生。

 亚洲私人银行与家族办公室峰会已经成功举办了12届,足迹遍布上海、北京、 深圳、青岛以及新加坡和纽约,累积覆盖3500余人参与。在深度观察中国本 土家族财富管理领域的同时,我们亦时刻将目光放在海外,不断用横纵两向 比较的思维观察海内外家族财富管理行业的异同。 

作为新生从业者,了解并精通家族财富管理行业可能需要10000小时。家族财富管理行业作为皇冠上的明珠更是众多细分领域深度理解后的高度集合, 一万小时是否够用,我们不得而知。但可以确认的是,看似光鲜亮丽的家办行业实则并不轻松,需要我们对于初心和专业的坚守;需要我们面对客户各 类复杂需求时,摒弃单点强机构的思维,敞开怀抱,拥抱更加开放共赢的行 业强生态。 

这或许是一场所有家族财富管理从业者不得不面对的一场背靠背战役!即是 对专业和恒心的考验,亦是对建立更多互信的行业生态! 

磐岩薪传(Banyan Legacy)作为国内首批从事家族财富管理行业的专业团队 之一,是国内罕见拥有真正全球化经营能力的本土团队(海外站:当地机 构参与占比达到90%以上)。 在这个注意力稀缺的时代,秉承内容至上的理念,深度调研市场上最热门 的话题以及最具深度洞察力和独到见解的意见领袖(KOL),打磨一个行 业峰会原本应该具备的内容品质。在满足与会嘉宾深度学习,预见未来趋 势的同时,提供高效的商业连接平台。 

我们也将继续携手众多海内外知名家族成员、顶级家办、私行、资产管理 机构、律所、会计所、离岸金融中心高管等500余位行业翘楚,于2020年12月21-22日在上海举办第十三届亚洲私人银行与家族办公室峰会。真诚 期待您的参与!