About us
Banyan Legacy is aiming to be the best platform for family wealth practioners on best learning contents and well-selective service providers. 
We have 3 pillars of our business which are Events, Training (including overseas program) , Data operation and selection service on different categories and regions.
磐岩薪传·Banyan Legacy, 致力于成为华人家族财富领域最好的优质学习内容和专业服务严选服务商。我们的主营业务包含3大模块:高端峰会、培训+海外访学、行业数据运营+专业服务商严选。
Our Advantages
Our advantages are we never sell fianncial investment products to high net worth individuals which make us have no interest of conflicts with all sorts of wealth and assets managers. Instead, we enable them being more capable of handling client’s various needs with our vast database resouces and selective practical insights. Especially, when they need offshore knowledge and partners. 
* 不卖任何投资理财产品,不直接服务终端客户,与财富管理机构无任何利益冲突
* 广度+深度的优质内容
* 覆盖美国、瑞士、新加坡、香港及中国大陆的专家智库资源(家族成员+学术大咖+实战专家)
* 优渥的媒体资源(媒体团队均为第一财经前高管和资深主编)
Main Bussiness
A. High-end Consuming
After 11 times successful Asia Private Banking and Family Office Summit held from Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Qingdao, New York and Singapore, we accumulated? strong database covering more than 20,000 direct contacts of decision-makers in this industry. 
Also we might be the very seldom local Chinese team who brought Chinese families and their FOs to Singapore and NYC have private meetings with local families and high-profile peers.
B. Training + Overseas Visits

Theme month training
In-house Training
Singapore, the United States, Hong Kong, Switzerland, overseas visits (local family + SFO + private line + MFO + asset management + law firm + other special resources, etc.)


C. Community operation (paid membership system)

Hierarchical structure. A layer of co-investing, sharing, sharing, and co-growing that is truly chemically reactive between the family and the SFO.

* Through a strong database, professional service providers (especially cross-border) that meet the needs of the family office are selected, saving time, empowering the team, and improving the stickiness of the home office and the customer.
Build and operate a paid membership community, so that true family wealth management practitioners can find the most suitable domestic and foreign partners, and enhance their cognitive ability and professionalism through continuous learning and in-depth communication
A. 高端峰会

B. 培训+海外访学
* 主题月培训
* 企业定制培训(In-house Training)
* 新加坡、美国、香港、瑞士海外访学 (当地家族+SFO+私行+MFO+资管+律所+其他特色资源等)

C. 社群运营(付费会员制)
* 分层结构。为家族和SFO之间构造真正有化学反应的共投、共享、共用、共生长的圈层。
* 通过强大的数据库,严选出符合家族办公室需求的专业服务商(尤其是跨境),节省时间,赋能团队,提升家办与客户的黏性。
* 构建并经营付费制会员社群,让真正的家族财富管理从业者,能找到最合适的境内外合作方,并通过不断地学习和深入交流,提升认知能力与专业素养。